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We use American power, economic might, and influence as a tool of policy to help America achieve its interests and promote our values around the world.  And if we do that right, it in turn cycles back to prosperity at home.

Michael R. PompeoSecretary of State

Economic prosperity has never been more critical to securing U.S. global interests.  Strengthening our national security demands sustained economic success.

The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs (EB) is guided by our mission: Empowering Growth, Securing our Future.  We deliver on this mission every day by expanding economic opportunities for U.S. businesses overseas and promoting job creation at home.  We advocate for America’s business and economic interests around the world and use tools like sanctions and foreign investment review to protect our national security.  Economic diplomacy and development are key tools when it comes to projecting global leadership, fighting poverty, isolating extremists, ensuring America’s security and improving humanitarian conditions.  As a core part of our diplomatic mission to promote American growth and prosperity, we assist U.S. companies, workers, and entrepreneurs pursuing business opportunities abroad.

Everything we do is aimed at ensuring that the United States remains the world’s strongest and most dynamic economy.  Our bureau works to inform and shape decisions that advance U.S. national security priorities around the globe.  We lead the Department of State’s efforts to expand trade, investment, transportation, and telecommunications globally, along with heading the Department of State’s efforts to implement sanctions against countries that threaten the United States and our values, and fight terrorist financing. Among our top priorities are advancing women’s economic empowerment and technological innovation to elevate economies and activate full economic participation across communities.

The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs combines economic and foreign policy to advance American prosperity and security.  We are organized into seven divisions to deliver across the most critical issues that impact the U.S. economy:

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The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future