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The Media Hub of the Americas engages major Spanish- and Portuguese-language media outlets to communicate U.S. policy to audiences throughout the region. Based in Miami, Florida, the Hub is part of the Department of State’s Bureau of Global Public Affairs.

In carrying out its mission, the Hub fulfills several roles:

  • The Hub Director is an official Spanish-language spokesperson for the Department.
  • The Hub Deputy Director is an official Portuguese-language spokesperson for the Department.
  • The Hub promotes and explains U.S. policy throughout Latin America by organizing strategic media engagements for U.S. government officials on diverse topics. This includes facilitating media engagements at major regional summits and for travel by senior government officials.
  • The Hub connects foreign-language media based in the United States and throughout the Western Hemisphere with senior U.S. policymakers via teleconferences, broadcast interviews, and innovative digital programs such as LiveAtState, the State Department’s on-line virtual press briefing platform.
  • The Hub cultivates and maintains close ties with major foreign-language broadcasters and regional media based in the United States and throughout Latin America, and may assist foreign journalists who would like to engage U.S. officials on foreign policy.
  • Working closely with an extensive network of academic, civil society, and private sector contacts, the Hub facilitates public outreach opportunities for visiting U.S. officials.
  • The Hub serves as a resource for Embassies in answering media inquiries on global and regional issues that fall outside the Post’s regular areas of responsibility.


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