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What is the Gift Fund?

On behalf of the Under Secretary for Management, the Gift Funds Coordinator directs and supervises the Department’s Gift Funds program including the solicitation, acceptance, acknowledgement, and allocation process for official donations and gifts to the Department.  The Department has explicit authorities to accept gifts made for its benefit or for carrying out any of its functions.  The private sector may make contributions of cash, goods, or services. Regulations governing all aspects of the gifts program are codified in the 2 FAM 960 and 4 FAM 380.  The Gift Funds Coordinator’s office performs a liaison function with various ethics and financial disclosure offices to ensure that all donors are vetted in accordance with conflict of interest requirements.  All gift funds must be used in accordance with the same regulations, conditions, and accounting procedures that apply to appropriated funds allocated for similar purposes.

What is the K Fund?

The K Fund Manager administers the Emergencies in the Diplomatic and Consular Service Appropriation which is also known as the K Fund.  The K Fund is used to meet emergency and/or confidential requirements in the conduct of foreign affairs as well as other authorized activities that further the realization of U.S. foreign policy objectives.  All expenditures from the K Fund are subject to OIG audit and reported quarterly to Congress.

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