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The Secretary of State established the Office of the United States Security Coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority (USSC) in 2005 to meet U.S. commitments under the Middle East Roadmap for Peace. The USSC is a joint, international, and interagency team with the core of the organization made up of Department of Defense service members who are assigned to the State Department. Lieutenant General Mark C. Schwartz leads the USSC.


The USSC directs all facets of U.S. security sector assistance to the Palestinian Authority and synchronizes international supporting efforts. The USSC headquarters is in Jerusalem with all members living in the local area. This persistent presence provides a positive and visible sign of the U.S. commitment to an enduring partnership with both Israel and the Palestinian people.


The USSC coordinates with the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to enhance security cooperation; leads coalition efforts in advising the Palestinian Authority on security sector reform; and recommends opportunities for nations and international organizations to contribute to the development of a self-sustaining Palestinian security sector.


The Palestinian Security Sector is able to effectively coordinate with the Government of Israel and international community, has accountable institutions capable of independently sustaining the security apparatus, while providing a safe and secure environment in the West Bank.

Our Approach

The USSC employs a multi-faceted campaign plan that directs our efforts to achieve mutually beneficial objectives for the Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel. The plan guides our common and collective actions toward the shared goal of building confidence between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in order to set the conditions for a lasting peace agreement.

USSC focuses on unrestrained and Comprehensive Coordination between the Israeli and Palestinian security establishments, and that security matters and decisions are supported by the international community.

USSC also concentrates efforts on Institutional Capacity Building. This effort seeks to ensure that Palestinian Authority Security Force ministries and commissions support gender equality and human rights; and have implemented  systems and processes to become more accountable and self-sustainable beyond the donor horizon.

Finally, through Mentoring and Advising, USSC matures those Palestinian Authority Security Force systems necessary to provide law enforcement, emergency disaster response, and intelligence driven security practices to increase Palestinian Authority Security Force freedom of movement and long-term sustainability in the West Bank.

A Coalition and Multinational Team

To achieve mission success, the USSC relies on a coalition effort that consists of security experts from eight NATO member nations, including: the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, and the United States.

USSC Vision Statement

A civilian-controlled, self-sustaining, affordable, and accountable Security Structure, focused on “police primacy,” operating within the Rule of Law while providing necessary law enforcement to safeguard the Palestinian people.

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