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Agricultural Policy

The Office of Agricultural Policy supports American agriculture while protecting U.S. national security.

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AGP's work contributes to the strong performance of the American agricultural sector, which exported $140 billion in 2018, resulting in a trade surplus of $10.9 billion.

The Office of Agricultural Policy (AGP) boosts economic prosperity for American farmers and ranchers by opening foreign markets to American farm products; promoting transparent, predictable, and science-based regulatory systems overseas; and reducing unnecessary barriers to trade around the world. As part of our commitment to ensuring consumer safety and the success of the American agricultural sector, AGP protects human and animal health by advancing international discussions on food safety. Our work on global food security supports U.S. national security through programs like Feed the Future . AGP also coordinates with other U.S. agencies to ensure humanitarian food assistance is targeted, efficient, and effective.

AGP advances U.S. trade and food-security interests by:

  • Opening markets for trade in food commodities like wheat, soybeans, and corn;
  • Challenging unfair barriers to agricultural trade;
  • Making regulatory systems more transparent and science-based;
  • Pushing for greater harmonization and consistency in international food-safety standards; and
  • Coordinating international response to emergency food situations through leadership of the Food Assistance Convention .

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