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Our Mission

The Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) leads the Department's efforts to develop and execute international energy policy to promote: energy security for the United States and its partners and allies; U.S. economic growth that benefits American business and people; and global political stability and prosperity through energy development.


Key Topics

Transatlantic Energy Security

Energy security in Europe has been a longstanding United States strategic priority and is fundamental to national security.

Learn More About Energy Security in Europe Transatlantic Energy Security

Energy Resource Governance

We work to ensure that supply chains for the minerals that power renewable technologies remain open and that source countries have the right above-ground conditions to promote transparent mining practices.

Learn More About Energy Resource Governance Energy Resource Governance

Asia EDGE (Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy)

Asia EDGE is an effort to strengthen energy security and expand affordable and reliable energy access across the Indo-Pacific.

Learn More About Asia EDGE Asia EDGE (Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy)

Energy Sanctions

Apply economic pressure on Russia, Iran, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to stop their destabilizing activities through the use of sanctions on their energy sectors.

Learn More About Energy Sanctions Energy Sanctions

Energy Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean

Our work in this region focuses on building an integrated energy market to catalyze regional cooperation and bolster energy security.

Learn More About Eastern Mediterranean Energy Cooperation Energy Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean

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