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U.S. Government Publications

  • Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) – the official publication format since 1945 for treaties and agreements that have entered into force for the United States.
    • Since 2006, TIAS prints of treaties and international agreements have been published in electronic form only, and can be found on this website at the link above.
    • From 1982 until 2006, TIAS prints of treaties and international agreements were published in “slip” or pamphlet form by the Government Printing Office. These pamphlets are still widely available in federal depository libraries .
    • From 1950 until 1982, TIAS prints of treaties and international agreements were compiled in bound volumes entitled United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (UST). These volumes are no longer published, but copies of older publications can still be found in federal depository libraries.
  • Treaty Series (TS) – Covers Article II treaties from 1795-1945. A precursor to the TIAS series, the Treaty Series was printed by the Department of State as individual pamphlets. Bound collections also exist.
  • Executive Agreement Series (EAS) – Includes executive agreements from 1928-1945. This series was created to include the growing body of executive agreements in the post World War I period. Earlier executive agreements can be found in the Treaty Series, printed as individual pamphlets. Bound collections also exist.
  • S. Statutes at Large (Stat.) Printed until 1948 as bound volumes, this series includes the texts of Article II treaties.
  • Aside from these collections, the Department of State has at times published other compilations of the texts of treaties and other international agreements. These include:
    • Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America 1776-1949, compiled under the direction of Charles I. Bevans.
    • Treaties and other International Acts of the United States of America, edited by Hunter Miller.
    • Treaties, Conventions, International Agreements, Protocols, and Agreements between the United States and Other Powers.
      • 1-2, (1776-1909) compiled by William M. Malloy
      • III, (1910-1923) edited by C. F. Redmond
      • IV, (1923-1937) edited by Edward J. Trenwith

Publications by Foreign Governments and International Organizations

Commercial sources

  • Some commercial subscription services, including Westlaw, Lexis, HathiTrust and HeinOnline, include treaty texts in their collections. The U.S. Government does not endorse any particular commercial research service.

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