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Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs

Innovation Policy

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The United States is the most innovative economy in the world. U.S companies drive global innovation and the development of advanced and emerging technologies. The State Department is committed to removing barriers overseas, protecting intellectual property, and maintaining U.S. technological edge.

The genius of creative Americans, and the free system that enables them, is critical to American security and prosperity.
2017 National Security Strategy

It’s more important than ever to empower researchers, technical experts, and business leaders to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in the digital economy. The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs promotes a level playing field that allows American innovators and U.S. companies in high-tech sectors to thrive in global markets. America has always been the leader in global innovation. We will continue to empower the U.S. private sector to maintain that status.

Innovation Roundtables

In 2018, the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs​, under the leadership of Assistant Secretary Manisha Singh, began holding an ongoing series of Innovation Roundtables with the U.S. private sector. This series explores challenges and opportunities in emerging technology and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector to promote U.S. economic interests.

Increased engagement and cooperation with the U.S. private sector allows the U.S. government to better understand cutting-edge technology as it becomes more widely adopted. In conducting diplomatic negotiations, it helps policymakers to hear firsthand technology companies’ perspectives to inform effective policy that maintains and advances the U.S. technological edge.

Learn more about our Innovation Roundtables.

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