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Policy Issues

Economic Prosperity and Trade Policy

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The Economic Bureau (EB) comprises an extensive group of officers focused on building a strong U.S. economy that creates jobs and underpins national security.  A central element of that vision is the pursuit of free, fair, and reciprocal trade.

Our officers highlight economic considerations in policy formulation.  They build the relationships needed to expand commercial ties that drive American prosperity.  Our role in policy also extends to implementing sanctions against terrorists, human rights abusers, and corrupt officials.  The Department of State additionally works to strengthen property rights and contract enforcement, competition policies, sound commercial law, and the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights around the world. The Department’s efforts aim to ensure that the United States remains the world’s strongest and most dynamic economy.

Read more about what specific bureaus and offices are doing to support this policy issue:

Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs (EB): EB works to create jobs at home, boost economic opportunities overseas, and make America more secure. It promotes a strong American economy by ensuring a level-playing field for American companies doing business around the world and attracting foreign investors to create jobs in America. Read more about EB

Trade Policy and Negotiations (EB/TPN): The TPN staff — in the Bilateral Trade Affairs, Multilateral Trade Affairs, Agricultural Policy, and Intellectual Property Enforcement offices — works to open markets for U.S. products and services overseas and strengthen U.S. trade relationships around the world.

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