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The QSI International School of Dushanbe (QSID) is an independent, coeducational day school, which offers a fully accredited educational program from preschool through grade 12. Grades 11-12 receive a combination of on-campus instruction and online courses supervised onsite. This year the school has students from 26 nationalities. The school was founded in 2004. The 2019-2020 school year comprises three terms extending from August 20 to December 11, from January 4 to March 19, and from March 29 to June 11.

Accreditation: The school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools from PK through grade 12.

Organization: The school is governed by the Board of Directors of Quality Schools International, the membership of which is formed as set forth in the Bylaws of Quality Schools International. An advisory board, composed of six to 10 members who reside in Dushanbe, assists the school in its operation. QSID is licensed as an International School by the Tajikistan Ministry of Education.

Curriculum: The school offers a performance-based, mastery-learning educational program with a curriculum similar to that of U.S. public and private schools. Instruction leading to individual mastery is in English. Small classes are necessitated by the diverse educational backgrounds of the students.

Faculty: In the 2020-2021 school year, there are 24 faculty members. Part-time instructors from Tajikistan offer classes in physical education, music, art, Russian, French and German.

Enrollment: At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, enrollment was 109.  Families may select asynchronous online support over face-to-face classes at any time, if needed.

Facilities: The school is housed in four large houses. The primary building houses the preschool through nine-year-olds, the primary music room, and the primary intensive English class. This building also has a playground with a play structure and a covered play area. The library school building has four large classrooms, a science lab, a large library with a collection of over 6000 books, a multipurpose room, and a snack area. There is a covered play area and a basement, which serves as another multipurpose room. The secondary building houses administrative offices, a reception area, a teacher workroom, two computer labs with over 25 computers, and six classrooms. There is an annex across from this building, which houses the doctor’s office and music room for older students. The large grassy area between the two buildings has a climbing wall and other physical education equipment. The fourth building is the world languages building, which currently houses middle school classes, world language classes, and the art room.

Finances: In the 2020-2021 school year, the school’s income is derived from tuition. Annual tuition rates per year are as follows: three and four-year-old program: $5,000 for part-day and $7,500 for full-day; five-year-olds and up: $21,400 with a capital fund fee of $1,600. All first-time QSI students pay a one-time registration fee of $300. These fees are payable in U.S. dollars. (All fees quoted in U.S. dollars.)

Information and statistics are current as of September 2020 and provided by the school.

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