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Overview:  The Government of Uganda (GOU) continued to make important contributions toward CT efforts in East Africa and the Horn of Africa in 2019.  As the largest troop contributing country to AMISOM, Uganda remained a key partner in regional efforts to neutralize al-Shabaab.  However, in April, ISIS claimed responsibility for attacks in eastern DRC conducted by the ADF, a historically anti-Kampala armed group based in that area.  This was the first claim by ISIS of an attack in the region and highlighted the persistent threat of terrorism in Uganda.

Terrorist Incidents:  No terrorist incidents occurred inside Uganda in 2019.

Legislation, Law Enforcement, and Border Security:  The GOU is increasingly concerned by security threats – terrorist and criminal – along Uganda’s western border with the DRC, particularly from the ADF, which has a long history of killing civilians and planning attacks against Ugandan interests.  However, no notable changes to Uganda’s border security posture occurred in 2019, nor were there significant legislation or law enforcement developments specific to CT.

Countering the Financing of Terrorism:  Uganda is a member of ESAAMLG, and Uganda’s FIU, known as the Financial Intelligence Authority, is a member of the Egmont Group.  There were no significant updates in 2019.

Countering Violent Extremism:  The GOU has made progress in drafting its CVE national action plan, as recommended by the UN Secretary-General’s Preventing Violent Extremism Plan of Action, according to police and military officials.  However, the government has not yet shared the draft with security partners, nor committed to a date for its release.

International and Regional Cooperation:  Uganda participates in CT efforts through its membership in the United Nations, AMISOM, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, the East African Community, PREACT, the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  Uganda participated in discussions convened by the Government of the DRC with a subset of regional partners twice in 2019 to discuss countering armed groups in eastern DRC.  Ultimately, the GOU opted not to participate and the proposed regional operation against the ADF and other armed groups ultimately did not move forward.  The FARDC launched a unilateral operation against the ADF on October 31, 2019.

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