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General Information

  • Child Protection Resources – These resources may help you develop child protection policies, train staff and volunteers, educate children and youth, respond to suspicion or an accusation of abuse, and understand your role as school counselor or child protection designate.
  • Child Mental Health Resources – These resources may help you address youth mental health needs and to bolster community and family support.
  • Foreign Service Assignment Notebook: What Do I Do Now? – Information and guidance on all aspects of preparing for an international move.  Chapter 16 deals with education for foreign service children.
  • Advanced Placement (AP), AP Capstone, and International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs in Schools Assisted by the Office of Overseas School – Information on the AP, Ap Capstone, and IB programs and which assisted schools offer each program.
  • For Parents – Guide to State Residency; Public Schools in the Washington, DC, Area; Educational Programs (AP & IB); Distance Learning; Foreign Educational Systems; Relocation and TCKs; and Miscellaneous Links.
  • Homeschooling Information – Information on homeschooling programs.
  • Boarding School Options – Information on boarding schools provided by the Family Liaison Office.
  • Living Abroad and Returning Home
  • For Teachers and Counselors – General Information, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Professional Organizations.
  • Education Associations – International Schools Associations, Regional Accrediting Associations, and Professional Associations.
  • Preparing for College – General, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Information.

Resources on Special Needs

Families with children with special needs, whether learning disabled or gifted, will find information that may be useful as they seek overseas assignments.

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