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If a new exemption is taken in a System of Records Notice (SORN), a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) is published concurrently with the SORN in the Federal Register.  After publication a 40 day public comment period is allotted. When that comment period ends the Final Rule is written and published in the Federal Register.


Board of Appellate Review Records, STATE-02 81 FR 19863 
Child Care Subsidy Program Records, STATE-32 69 FR 19329 
Coordinating for Combatting Terrorism Records, STATE-06 81 FR 19863 
Congressional Correspondence Records, STATE-43 81 FR 19863 
Email Archive Management Records, STATE-01 85 FR 13482 
Congressional Travel Records, STATE-44 81 FR 19863 
Extradition Records, STATE-11 81 FR 19863 
External Research Records, STATE-10 81 FR 19863 
Foreign Service Grievance Records, STATE-13 81 FR 19863 
Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Records, STATE-14 81 FR 19863 
Foreign Assistance Inspection Records, STATE-48 81 FR 19863 
Garnishment of Wages Records, STATE-61 81 FR 19863 
Human Resources Records, STATE-31 81 FR 19863 
Identity Management System, STATE-72 72 FR 8887 
Information Access Programs Records, STATE-35 81 FR 19863 
Intelligence and Research Records, STATE-15 81 FR 19863 
International Organizations Records, STATE-17 81 FR 19863 
Law of the Sea Records, STATE-19 81 FR 19863 
Legal Adviser Attorney Employment Application Records, STATE-20 81 FR 19863 
Legal Case Management Records, STATE-21 81 FR 19863 
Munitions Control Records, STATE-42 81 FR 19863 
Office of Foreign Missions, STATE-81 81 FR 33589 
Office of Inspector General Investigation Management Systen, STATE-53 81 FR 19863 
Overseas Citizens Services Records and Other Overseas Records, STATE-05 81 FR 19863 
Overseas Records, STATE-25 81 FR 19863 
Passport Records, STATE-26 81 FR 19863 
Personality Cross Reference Index to the Secretariat Automated Data Index Records, STATE-28 81 FR 19863 
Personality Index to the Central to the Central Foreign Policy Records, STATE-29 81 FR 19863 
Personnel Payroll Records, STATE-30 81 FR 19863 
Records Maintained by the Office of Civil Rights, STATE-09 81 FR 19863 
Records of the Domestic Account Receivable Tracking System, STATE-23 81 FR 19863 
Records of Office of Citizen Exchange, STATE-62 79 FR 60293 
Records of the Office of the Assistant Legal Adviser for International Claims and Investment Disputes, STATE-54 81 FR 19863 
Records of the Office of White House Liaison, STATE-34 81 FR 19863 
Refuge Case Records, STATE-59 81 FR 19863 
Risk Analysis and Management Records, STATE-78 81 FR 19863 
Rover Records, STATE-41 81 FR 19863 
Security Records, STATE-36 81 FR 19863 
Senior Personnel Appointments Records, STATE-47 81 FR 19863 
Service Contributors Services, STATE-64 64 FR 73811 
Visa Records, STATE-39 81 FR 19863 


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