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WMEAT 2019, the 37th edition of World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers (WMEAT), published in December 2019, covers the years 2007 through 2017.  The year 2017 was not covered in any previous edition of WMEAT.

WMEAT 2019, like other recent editions of WMEAT, is published only online, not in hardcopy; the statistical tables are published only in spreadsheet format.

WMEAT 2019 consists of four downloadable documents:

  1. WMEAT 2019 Introduction and Overview, a PDF document.
  2. WMEAT 2019 Table I Military Expenditures And Armed Forces Personnel, 2007 2017 [4 MB], an Excel spreadsheet workbook.
  3. WMEAT 2019 Tables II IV Arms Transfer Deliveries, 2007 2017 [1 MB], an Excel spreadsheet workbook.
  4. WMEAT 2019 Sources Data And Methods [832 KB], a PDF document.

New features in this edition of WMEAT are described at the start of the “Sources, Data and Methods” section.

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